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Avenue Q, 2015

How to Give Today!


Call us at 202-204-7741.

Please make checks payable to Constellation Theatre Company and send them to:


Constellation Theatre Company
1835 14th Street NW
Washington DC 20009


Employer Matches

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Please ask your employer if they offer a matching gift program.


Stock Gifts
Please contact us for additional information.

Please email Anne Marie Wells, Development Manager,
or call (202) 204-7741.

Be Among Our Stars!

We have a big vision and electrifying energy. Our bold productions continue to defy expectations and establish a high bar for success.

We will build on our strong foundation and reach higher. We’ll continue to present transformational productions and we’ll also invite the audience to join us as we stretch our creative sensibilities. We’ll explore fresh ideas and unconventional spaces to broaden our artistic focus and deepen our interaction with artists, patrons and our community. As ticket revenue makes up less than half of our operating budget, contributions must expand to fill this gap. Support from individuals and foundations will enable us to grow responsibly and sustainably and to focus on artistic excellence, bold storytelling and connecting audiences to art.

Invest in Our Vision

We will continue to create our dynamic productions at Source in the theatre’s 100-seat venue. We relish the opportunity to transport you to a unique, new world with each show while providing exciting immediacy to the action on stage.  In addition, we dream of developing an interactive theatrical experience in an unconventional local venue. We imagine the Immersive Theatre Project transforming a vacant building complex into 30 theatrical rooms that audiences will navigate on their own. Patrons will explore the 360-degree environment, moving through the space, and triggering how the narrative unfolds as they go. The production will culminate with a chance for the audience to gather and socialize.

Invest in Our Artists

We believe in cultivating dignity, kindness and respect—in our organization, in our community and among our artists. We value the dedicated staff and talented artists who manage day-to-day operations and bring each show to life. While Constellation’s artist fees are competitive with other small theatre companies, current financial compensation does not adequately reflect the talent, dedication and years of expertise that Constellation’s theatre professionals bring to our craft.  Most of our artists are paid flat fees that would not equal minimum wage if they were paid hourly. As a demonstration of our investment in the artists we employ, Constellation increased artist fees by 20% this season. With your help, we can continue investing in our staff and artists to strengthen the organization’s capacity and maintain artistic excellence.

Invest in Our Community

We will continue to build our loyal patron base and strive to enhance their experience with show-specific activities.  We’ll maintain accessibilty and strive to attract new audiences.  With interactive outreach events we will engage a wide range of cultural communities and nurture the next audience of theater-goers.  These initiatives require focus, imagination and an investment in growing our small staff.

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