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Safety Plan

Constellation Theatre Company is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all!

Here's our plan to welcome you back!

CulturalDC has installed a new HVAC System with MERV-13 filters in the Source Theatre. 


Before Your Visit

If You Are Sick, Stay Home. 

If you or someone in your group doesn’t feel well, has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days, or has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the previous 14 days, please stay home. CDC Symptom List 

Flexible Exchange Policy. 

If on the day of your performance you do not feel well, please email us at to cancel your tickets. We will be in touch to exchange or refund your tickets by the next business day.  

At the Theatre

Wear A Mask.

Masks are mandatory for all patrons inside the theatre. Actors are exempt from this policy as they are socially distanced from the audience. We recommend N95 and KN95 masks.

Seating Configuration.

Constellation's seating configuration for both productions will be proscenium style. There are two aisles. No seat is more than 5 seats from the aisle. We are selling the show at full capacity which means there will not be any physical distancing within the venue, and you will have patrons sitting directly next to, in front of, and behind you.


No Intermission.

All performances will run without an intermission. 


No Concessions.

Concessions will not be available. No outside food or drink is permitted. 


No Late Seating.

Patrons who arrive after the show has begun will be permitted to exchange to another performance or request a refund. 

Customer Service. 

There will be two front-of-house staff members available. If you need help, please speak to one of our friendly staff who will assist you.



There are two restrooms in the lobby available for use before and after the performance. The bathrooms will be cleaned before each performance. 


Clean Hands.

Hand sanitizer stations will be available in the lobby and the entrance to the theatre.

Contactless Ticketing. 

Paper tickets will not be provided. Patrons are asked to present their confirmation email with the QR code when entering, either on your phone or from a print-out.


Notify us. 

If you test positive within 14 days of attending an In-Person performance, you must contact Constellation at or 202-204-7741 


Contact Tracing.

If we are notified of a positive COVID diagnosis of an audience member, we will promptly alert DC Health Services for contact tracing purposes.

The Wild Party, 2017

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