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Urinetown, 2016

How to Give Today!


Call us at 202-204-7741.

Please make checks payable to Constellation Theatre Company and send them to:


Constellation Theatre Company
1835 14th Street NW
Washington DC 20009


Employer Matches

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Please ask your employer if they offer a matching gift program.


Stock Gifts
Please contact us for additional information.

Please email Julia Harris at

Season 16 Sponsors

This season, our most passionate supporters have pledged to dream, create, and entertain with Constellation by sponsoring key components of our artistic process.


Click here to learn more about our sponsorship levels.


Institutional + Grant Support

DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities
The Share Fund
Destination DC
John R. & Dorothy D. Caples Fund
Picard Kentz & Rowe, LLP

Director's Circle | $10,000+

Susan Sanders

Artist's Circle | $7,500+

Ian Shuman & Sarah Weiner

Season Sponsor | $5,000+

Eugene & Dale Kenney
Judith Henderson
Matthew Haynie & Katie Halliday
Michael L. Burke & Carl W. Smith
Robert Stockman
Scott Chatham & Allan Badovinac

Lead Production Sponsor | $2,500+

Keiko Takagi
Ken & Sheila Berman
Laura Hart
Lucinda Romberg
Meg & John Hauge
Sally Sloan
Scott Hahn
Sophie Lynn & David Frederick

Production Sponsor | $1,000+

Alan King
Barry Kropf
Beverly & Christopher With
Bill & Louisa Newlin
Carl & Margaret Pfeiffer
Carolyn L. Wheeler
Donald Adams & Ellen Maland
Elisabeth French
Frona Hall
Kenton Campbell & Susan Wooddell Campbell
Lee Hollaar
Nan Beckley
Nathan Rickard
Rajeev Ramchand
Renee Klish
Richard Hardy
Wes MacAdam
William J. Hackett

Current Donors

Thank you to the following donors for being part of our Constellation! This list acknowledges gifts pledged and received since July 1, 2022.


Performer | $500+

Aron & Karen Primack
Alice P. Watson
Carol & Will Cooke
Edgar Smith
Howard Pittman
John Driscoll
Jonathan Herz & Steve Hill
Judy & Ed Mroczka
Kristina Schaefer
Leslie C. Taylor
Maya & Frederick Wynn
Myrna Fawcett
Stephen Ellis
Winton Matthews, Jr.

Mover | $250+

Alexandra Gerber
Allen & Sallie Greenough
Bill Bratton
Bob & Andrea Cali
Emeline M. Otey
Erin Drake
Harlene Leahy
Jeff & Carolyn Crooks
Jenny Male
John Hetrick Jr.
Jonathan Siegel & Michelle Girvan
Jurate & Carl Landwehr
Katy & Dan Carkuff-Corey
Linda W. Sorkin
Mary Ann Wren
Mary Hannah Arnot
Naomi Robin & Gerald Gleason
Pat Murphy Sheehy
Peter Threadgill
Rebecca & Hugo Medrano
Sandy McKenzie
The Savada-Stevenson Family
Terry Quist
Tim Gribben

Builder | $100+

Abel Lopez
Alison Drucker & Tom Holzman
Alanna Mowrey
Allan Armus
Bill & Amy Alexander
Blaise Scinto
Bruce & Mary Josie Blanchard
Carl & Undine Nash
Corinne Smith
Daniel Vine
David B. Levine & Judith H. Katz
Debby & Stephen Jencks
Debodhonyaa Sengupta
Ed Szrom & John Geiger
Edward Gramlich
Gerry Widdicombe
James & Catherine Jordan
Jim & Irene MacDonald
John & Marie Himel-Butler
Judith Bernardi
Keith Miller
Khadija Barkley
Kristin Scotchmer
Marc Okrand
Margaret C. Jones
Marion Key
Mark Diskin
Mary Hall Surface
Neelam Ihsanullah
Patricia Yates
Raymond & Molly Ruppert
Sally Greenberg
Sanjay Altekar
Sara Parker
Stan Peabody
Terrence Heubert
Tracy Fisher

Member | $50+

Amy Austin
Andrea Pedolsky
August & Clare Imholtz
Brian Altmiller
Bruce Miller
Cecily Baskir & John Freedman
Christine Lange
Clifford Whitham
Debra Fairweather
Gillian Moorhead
Kathleen Wells
Laurel Cullen
Linda Larson
Lois Wyatt
Merideth Bentley
Mimi Montgomery
Oliver & Kit Moss
Renate Wallenberg
Renee Weitzner
Sarah Aderholdt
Suzanne Agins
Tim & Anne Murphy
Timothy Nelson


Every effort has been made to ensure that this list is accurate. If your name is misspelled or omitted, please accept our apologies and email Julia Harris at or call (202) 204-7741.



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