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Once on This Island, 2022

Cosmic Events
Epic Exchanges

Constellation hosts free community gatherings or “Epic Exchanges” during the run of each show, allowing artists and audiences to bond over their communal, shared experience. Guest speakers from local educational and cultural institutions will facilitate discussions about the production’s content and themes.


Past Epic Exchanges have included: a dialogue about censorship in Russia (MASTER AND MARGARITA); an exploration of the cultural significance of the White Snake legend in China (WHITE SNAKE); discussion of 1960s girl groups (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS); and a deep-dive into Alfred Hitchcock’s body of work (THE 39 STEPS).

Info on upcoming Epic Exchange
Book Club

New this year, Constellation is offering a free, pre-show book club event. Participants have the opportunity to explore the set design and take part in an in-depth discussion about the show's script guided by a CTC staff member.

Affinity Nights

We strive to attract audiences that reflect the diversity of our artists and the international city in which we live. Our Audience Development Initiative includes performance dates for specific affinity groups.

Blackout Night
Actively welcomes an all-Black-identifying audience to experience
the show with a guest speaker afterwards. Blackout Night is the "purposeful creation of an environment in which an all-Black-identifying audience can experience and discuss an event in the performing from the white gaze." (Learn more at 

Pride Night
A night dedicated to embracing and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community followed by an event at a local bar.

Zillennial Night

To encourage the next generation of patrons to experience the joy of theatre, we host a "Zillennial" Night: inviting Millennial and Gen-Z patrons to attend on a specific performance with a CTC-hosted social hour at a restaurant/bar in the community after the show.

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