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Since 2007, Constellation has brought to life numerous diverse and vibrant stories. Constellation received the John Aniello Award for Outstanding Emerging Company from the Helen Hayes Awards in 2009 and the prestigious National Theatre Company Award from the American Theatre Wing in 2013. According to Metro Weekly magazine, Constellation “does some of the best, most adventurous, most reliable work in town, all presented on an epic scale with a level of intimacy that can’t be beat.”


Constellation Theatre Company tells big, powerful stories in an intimate space. We spark curiosity and imagination with plays and musicals from all over the world that feature visual spectacle, original music, dynamic movement and passionate acting ensembles. We draw from the genres of fantasy, farce, and epic adventure to transport our audiences to dramatic worlds where the action is larger than life.


Updated July 20, 2023

Produce excellent theatre that is engaging, challenging and entertaining.

  • Create art that has both emotional and intellectual impact.

  • Connect audiences to the communal power of live theatre.

  • Spark curiosity, conversation and imagination.

  • Showcase diverse stories that reflect the vast range of human experience.  

Treat all community members (audience and collaborators) with dignity, kindness and respect.

  • Lead with compassion, understanding, support and appreciation.

  • Pay people appropriately. Artists should be able to make living wages through their art.

  • Communicate your boundaries. Respect others' boundaries. No means no.

  • Make our productions and activities accessible to people according to their needs, including physical or financial.

Acknowledge racism and oppression and reduce their harm.

  • Commit to diverse representation in hiring and casting, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender expression, and body type.

  • Include anti-racist, anti-oppressive training and workshops as part of our company practice.

  • Devote resources and time to reflect on, examine and improve the work structure of the organization.

  • Hold ourselves and others accountable for words and actions.

Create a safe and healthy environment for all.

  • Prioritize people and process over product.

  • Promote work/life balance by crafting goals, expectations and schedules that are humane, considerate and generous.

  • Respond to and resolve conflicts with an approach that is clear, equitable and timely.

Foster enthusiastic collaboration and open communication.

  • Value all voices and experiences. You can’t have a Constellation with only one star!

  • Cultivate creativity.

  • Listen actively to the ideas and perspectives of others.

  • Exercise patience, humility and flexibility.

  • Nurture trust in teamwork and collective effort.

Have fun!  Encourage laughter, gratitude, and joy.

  • Cultivate a relaxed working environment.

  • Ignite each other’s imaginations.

  • Celebrate our achievements together.

  • Revel in the joy of creating and consuming art.

  • Keep perspective and resist succumbing to the pressures of perfectionism.

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