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Closed September 2, 2018.

Melancholy Play:

A Contemporary Farce

Contrary to its title, this bubbly and whimsical comedy from the acclaimed playwright of The Vibrator Play will make you fall in love with love.


Tilly, a bank teller, is consumed by a melancholy so exquisite that everyone she meets becomes infatuated with her; her tailor, her hairdresser, and even her therapist succumb to the allure of her perpetual sadness. But when Tilly inexplicably discovers happiness, her joy wreaks havoc on the lives of her paramours.

Production photos by DJ Corey Photography.

Closed September 2, 2018.


Melancholy Play:

A Contemporary Farce

by Sarah Ruhl


directed by Nick Martin

Run Time: 95 minutes, no intermission

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Creative Team

Written By

Sarah Ruhl

Directed  by

Nick Martin

Costume Designer

Kitt Crescenzo

Scenic Designer

Jonathan Dahm Robertson

Lighting Designer

A.J. Guban

Dialect Coach

Elizabeth van den Berg

Props Designer

Marie Schneggenburger

Technical Director

Mike Salmi

Stage Manager

Jenny Hannah Rubin



Assistant Director

Francesca Chilcote

Assistant Stage Manager

Sam Reilly

Master Electrician

Emma Street

Scenic Charge

Kelley Rowan

Light Board Operator

Cody Whitfield

Tilly U/S
Joan U/S
Lorenzo U/S
Frank U/S
Frances U/S
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Melancholy Play: A Contemporary Farce, 2018.

Photo by DJ Corey Photography.

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