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This production has closed. 


& Music

based on a concept by Tom Teasley, Chao Tian, Nick Martin, A.J. Guban, and Allison Arkell Stockman


"Tom Teasley and Chao Tian embark on a spiritual odyssey with Mysticism & Music."

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A multidisciplinary group embarks on a Constellation first: an original story developed collaboratively with the company of artists.

This world premiere production explores humanity's eternal search for oneness with the universe, weaving together scripture and poetry from around the globe in a captivating kaleidoscope of music, movement, and spoken word. Powered by a cross-cultural fusion of exuberant percussion and Chinese dulcimer from award-winning musicians and composers Tom Teasley and Chao Tian, Mysticism & Music invites audiences on a transcendent journey of crisis, ritual, community, healing, and celebration.

Run Time: 60 minutes


Recommended for ages 12+.

About The Show

We are here to celebrate the power of community.   Since March 2020, we have experienced moments of loss and isolation, and we created this original piece to take a step towards healing, celebration and union.

We all know that music is a universal language with the power to stir deep emotions, and Tom and Chao create a unique fusion of cross-cultural traditions. “But what is mysticism?” you may ask. It’s a way of looking at the world and seeing a spark of the sacred in all people and all things. It’s the eye of Love gazing at divine realities, and understanding a true essence beyond appearances. It’s a belief in our union with the Absolute and the Infinite. It’s the realization that all our atoms vibrate with all the other atoms of the universe.

Ideas of Mysticism can be found in essentially all religions and spiritual traditions, from across the world and throughout time. The text in this show has been sourced from a wide range of sacred scriptures, as well as poems and books from many times and places. The ones we return to again and again are Hinduism’s The Bhagavad Gita; the Chinese Tao Te Ching, the Old and New Testaments and apocrypha from the time of Jesus, as well as the poems of Rumi, a poet from the Sufi branch of Islam. You’ll also hear words from Dante and Dr. King, from Mary Shelley and Maya Angelou.

As humans, we are united by a desire for meaning larger than ourselves and we are entranced by the promise of transformation. By drawing parallels, creating juxtapositions and layering these words with images, movement and music, we hope to illuminate and enhance the meaning of all the elements.

We are delighted that you have joined us for this experience.

Creative Team

Allison Arkell Stockman

Tony Thomas II

Scenic & Lighting Designer
A.J. Guban

Musician & Composer
Tom Teasley

Musician & Composer
Chao Tian

Costume, Fabric and Fan Designer
Frank Labovitz

Properties Designer
George "Tommy" Wang

Sound Engineer
Gordon Nimmo-Smith

Script Supervisor
Nick Martin


Production Stage Manager
Katie Moshier

Photo Gallery
Production Team

Technical Director
Mike Salmi

Master Electrician
Cassandra Saluski

Assistant Stage Manager
JJ Hersh

Assistant Stage Manager
Olivia Viola


Stage Manager Swing

Jenna Keefer

Scenic Charge Artist
Gray Walters

Light Board Programmer
Paul Callahan


Light Board Operator
Danielle Shaw

Audio 1
Delaney Bray

Audio 2
Alyssa Foy

Video Production
Blue Land Media

Alex Kozlov

Ben Harvey

David Phillip

James Raymond

Jeff Campbell

TJ Johns

Valarie McFatter

William Koehler

Devin Kinch

Jerran Kowalski

Miguel Sarmiento

Sam Biuk

Front of House Manager
Lily Komarow


Front of House Associates
Madalaina D'Angelo

Aryssa Damron

Filmed by Blue Land Media

In The News

"It's the music, from the team of Tom Teasley on percussion, and Chao Tian on Chinese dulcimer, performing as the group Dong Xi, that heightens the action into a kind of splendid unfolding musical fantasy, punctuating every movement and emotion in an authentic way, down to the gong that begins the show."

- Review of The White Snake on Broadway World

About the Artists

Tom Teasley (Composer/Musician) is delighted to return to Constellation after composing original scores for The Arabian Nights, The Good Woman of Setzuan, The Oresteia, Temptation, Crazyface, The Ramayana, The Green Bird, Metamorphoses, Gilgamesh, The Love of the Nightingale, The Fire and The Rain, and Journey to the West. He received Helen Hayes Awards for Outstanding Sound Design for Constellation’s productions of Crazyface and The Ramayana. He also received nominations for The Green Bird, The Love of the Nightingale, The Fire and the Rain, Journey to the West, and The Arabian Nights. A five-time recipient of a Fulbright-Hayes grant for performances in the Middle East, Tom collaborated with indigenous musicians and gave historic performances in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the West Bank and Jerusalem. He has been an artist-in-residence at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and has collaborated with the National Symphony as both a soloist and composer. Tom was awarded the 2016 Drum! Magazine Drummie Awards for “World Percussionist.” His CDs have been greeted with international airplay and acclaim, and his concepts on world/jazz percussion are published in a book/DVD set, An American Approach to World Percussion.

Tian, Chao.JPG

Chao Tian (Composer/Musician) is a leading performer on the Chinese dulcimer, Artistic Director of Chinese Music Society of Greater Washington, and an alumni of the Artist in Residence program at Strathmore Music Center. Chao has established a career as a soloist, educator, and composer in traditional Chinese music and other genres. Chao has broken through boundaries with music and she showcases the possibilities of creating music through improvisation and dialogue with musicians from the east to the west.

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