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We're digging into the vault to bring you videos from the STARchives!

We're releasing never-before-seen footage from past Constellation shows so you can enjoy epic, larger-than-life theatre from the comfort of your home. Be sure to check back every Friday for the latest release!

We hope these highlights from past Constellation productions will lift your spirits. We're already hard at work planning our return to what we do best - bringing artists and audiences together in our intimate space to create exhilarating communal experiences. Until then, however, we need your help to support our staff and artists through these turbulent times.


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February 2017

Peter and the Starcatcher  

a play by Rick Elice
based on the novel by Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson
music by Wayne Barker

Hailed by The Washington Post as "a gravity-defying delight to the senses," this adventure-packed prequel to the story of Peter Pan enchanted audiences of all ages during our 10th Anniversary Season.

About this clip: At the top of Act II, a fetching mob of mermaids recount in vaudevillian song their experience of being transformed from regular fish after swimming in the wake of the magical substance known as "starstuff."

Your faith in Constellation's vision, artists, and community gives us the wings to tell epic, heartwarming adventures like Peter and the Starcatcher in our intimate space. Please donate today and join our Constellation!

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Peter and the Starcatcher performed from February 9 - March 12, 2017 at Source. 

Director: Kathryn Chase Bryer. Choreographer: Kelly Maxner and Mollye Maxner. Music Direction: Deborah Jacobson. Scenic/Lighting Design: A.J. Guban. Costume Design: Kendra Rai. Puppet & Properties Design: Matthew Aldwin McGee. Dialect Coach: Elizabeth van den Berg. Technical Director: Mike Salmi. Master Electrician: Alex Keen. Production Stage Manager: Amanda Landis. Production Assistant Stage Manager: Suzanne Emerson. Assistant Stage Manager: Carissa Gilson. Scenic Charge: Megan Hart. Assistant Director: Nick Martin. Assistant Dialect Coach: Mike Anderson. Puppet & Prop Assistants: Aaron McGee, Laura Jayne McGee. Costume Design Assistants: Courtney L. Wood and Adalia V. Tonneyck. Costume Stitchers: Chris Hall, Josh Kelly, Kristen Patric, and Stella Pivnick. Ensemble: Jordan Campbell, Michael John Casey, Ian Anthony Coleman, Kevin M. Collins, Matt Dewberry, Megan Graves, Kamau Mitchell, Keith Richards, Christopher Michael Richardson, Matthew Schleigh, John Sygar, Dallas Tolentino, and Alex Vernon. Understudies: Zach Brewster-Geisz, Tiziano D'Affuso, and Madeline Key. Band: Deborah Jacobson and Manny Arciniega.

October 2019

Little Shop of Horrors  

book and lyrics by Howard Ashman
music by Alan Menken

With its outstanding musical performances, laugh-out-loud humor, and innovative puppet design, Little Shop of Horrors devoured the hearts of Constellation audiences last fall.

About this clip: In the show's high-octane finale, the bloodthirsty alien plant Audrey II and its zombie victims emerge to warn the audience of the plant's ultimate goal - to conquer the world, one city at a time!

Your belief in Constellation's vision, artists, and community helps us create epic, larger-than-life productions like Little Shop of Horrors in our intimate space. Please donate today and join our Constellation!

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Little Shop of Horrors performed from October 18 – November 17, 2019 at Source.
Director: Nick Martin. Music Director: Walter "Bobby" McCoy. Choreographer: Ilona Kessel. Scenic Designer: A.J. Guban. Costume Designer: Frank Labovitz. Lighting Designer: Sarah Tundermann. Sound Designer: Justin Schmitz. Puppet Designer: Matthew Aldwin McGee. Properties Designer: Alexander Rothschild. Conductor: Marika Countouris. Fight Choreographer: Lorraine Resseger-Slone. Dialect Coach: Jenna Berk. Technical Director: Mike Salmi. Production Stage Manager: Katie Dooley. Assistant Music Director: Lucia LaNave. Assistant Director: Francesca Chilcote. Assistant Choreographer: Madalaina D'Angelo. Assistant Costume Designer: Kitt Crescenzo. Sound Engineer: Kevin Alexander. Production ASM: Casey Parker. Assistant Stage Manager: JJ Hersh. Scenic Artist: Megan Hart. Assistant Stage Manager: Erin Taylor. Ensemble: Christian Montgomery, Teresa Quigley Danskey, Marty Austin Lamar, Robert John Biedermann, Scott Ward Abernethy, Selena Clyne-Galindo, Alana S. Thomas, Chani Wereley, Rj Pavel. Understudies: Allison Bradbury, Carson Collins, Khaya Fraites, Brian Lyons-Burke, Carrie McKnight, Adelina Mitchell, Stephen Russell Murray, and Morgan Scott. Band: Walter “Bobby” McCoy, Marika Anne Countouris, Lucia LaNave, Dana Gardner, Philippe Brunet, Luke Spence, Jaime Ibacache, Benjamin Rikhoff, and Kendell Haywood. 

February 2019

The Master and Margarita  

based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov
in an adaptation by Edward Kemp

Enter the deliciously demonic world of Mikhail Bulgakov’s celebrated Russian novel, The Master and Margarita.

About this clip: After the Master mysteriously vanishes from his apartment, Margarita forges an uneasy alliance with Woland, a professor of Black Magic who may also be the Devil, in hopes of reuniting with her love. At Woland's insistence, Margarita agrees to play hostess at Satan’s grand annual ball for the damned, a lavish and macabre showing of history's most infamous evildoers.

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The Master and Margarita performed at Source from February 1 to March 3, 2019.
Director: Allison Arkell Stockman. Choreographer: Tori Tolentino. Scenic & Lighting Designer: A.J. Guban. Costume Designer: Erik Teague. Sound Designer: Kenny Neal. Properties Designer: Nick Martin. Assistant Designer: Douglas Robinson. Production Manager: Jessica Pecharsky. Technical Director: Mike Salmi. Production Stage Manager: Rebecca Talisman. Production ASM: Genevieve Dornemann. ASM: Olivia Viola. Master Electrician & Light Board Operator: Kaitlin Tinsley. Scenic Charge: Megan Hart. Ensemble: Alexander Strain, Amanda Forstrom, Scott Ward Abernethy, Dallas Tolentino, Tori Tolentino, Louis E. Davis, McLean Fletcher, Jesse Terrill, Ben Lauer, Anna Lynch, Emily Whitworth, Omar D. Cruz, Tori Boutin, Jared H. Graham, Ben Ribler, and Moira Todd.

October 2015

Avenue Q  

music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
book by Jeff Whitty
based on an original concept by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx

When Constellation produced our first musical in 2015, we went big, bold, and bawdy with the Tony Award-winning comedy Avenue Q. This hilarious spoof of "Sesame Street" became an overnight sensation, playing to sold-out houses and winning 7 Helen Hayes Awards including Best Musical.

About this clip: Princeton, a fresh-faced college grad, moves to the run-down neighborhood of Avenue Q in search of his purpose in life. Along the way he meets a cast of colorful companions, who help him discover that everything in life, good and bad, is only "for now." (Warning: this clip contains adult language.)

The Coronavirus pandemic is only "for now," but we need YOUR help to ensure that Constellation can continue making theatre magic for years to come. Please donate to Constellation today and remember - "When you help others, you can't help helping yourself!

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Avenue Q performed at Source from October 22 to November 22, 2015.  
Director: Allison Arkell Stockman. Music Director: Jake Null. Scenic & Lighting Designer: A.J. Guban. Costume Designer: Kara Waala. Choreographer: Rachel Leigh Dolan. Sound Designer: Gordon Nimmo-Smith. Assistant Director/Puppet Coach/Props Designer: Matthew Aldwin McGee. Production Stage Manager: Cheryl Ann Gnerlich. Ensemble: Matt Dewberry, Katy Carkuff, Alex Alferov, Vaughn Midder, Eben Logan, Justine “Icy” Moral, Mikey Cafarelli, Emily Zickler, Jenna Berk, Christian Montgomery.

May 2017

The Arabian Nights  

written by Mary Zimmerman


In our 10th Anniversary Season revival of Mary Zimmerman's The Arabian Nights, Scheherazade captivates the cruel king Shahryar with stories of love, humor, and sacrifice, eventually winning his heart - and saving his soul.

About this clip: Scheherazade seduces Shahryar with the story of a merchant and his mysterious Perfect Love. After thirty passionate nights together, the merchant’s all-consuming obsession with Perfect Love lands him in a madhouse, where he must beg for mercy from the caliph Harun Al-Rashid.

Here at Constellation Theatre Company, we believe that the power of storytelling will help humanity survive these turbulent times.  Please make a donation to Constellation today to support our staff and artists!

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The Arabian Nights performed at Source from May 4 to June 4, 2017.

Directed by Allison Arkell Stockman. Composer/Sound Designer: Tom Teasley. Scenic Designer: A.J. Guban. Lighting Designer: Jason Arnold. Costume Designer: Erik Teague. Choreographer: Veronique Tran. Fight Choreographer: Casey Kaleba. Properties Designer: Matthew Aldwin McGee. Assistant Director: Jenna Duncan. Production Stage Manager: Rachel Hamilton. Technical Director: Mike Salmi. Ensemble: Shravan Amin, Surasree Das, Veronica del Cerro, Thomas Howley, Jeremy Keith Hunter,
Yesenia Iglesias, Matthew Aldwin McGee, Dallas Milholland, Lilian Oben, Ryan Sellers, and Kevin Sockwell.


February 2018

The Skin of Our Teeth   

by Thornton Wilder

Thornton Wilder's 1942 comedy is an absurd and timely tribute to mankind's indomitable spirit in the face of certain disaster.

About this clip: As the Ice Age closes in on the Antrobus family's suburban home, Mrs. Antrobus, along with the maid Sabina and their prehistoric pets, receives a special telegram from her husband. 

Like the Antrobus family, all of us here at Constellation are fighting to emerge from our current crisis stronger and more resilient than ever. Please make a donation to Constellation today to support our staff and artists!

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The Skin of Our Teeth performed at Source from January 11 to February 18, 2018.

Directed by Mary Hall Surface. Scenic and Lighting Designer: A.J. Guban. Costume Designer: Frank Labovitz. Sound Designer Justin Schmitz. Puppet Designer: Matthew Aldwin McGee. Properties: Jimmy Stubbs. Production Stage Manager: Kathryn Dooley. Assistant Stage Managers: Rebecca Silva, Bryan Boyd. With Tonya Beckman, Lolita Marie, Steven Carpenter, Dallas Tolentino, Malinda Kathleen Reese, Gerrad Alex Taylor, Colin Connor, Ben Lauer, Jenna Berk, Lilian Oben, Mary Miller-Booker, Christopher Gillespie, and Natalie Cutcher.


Fall 2017

The Wild Party   

book, music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa
based on the poem by Joseph Moncure March

A clip from our production of Andrew Lippa's rip-roaring 1920s musical The Wild Party. Consider this a preview of the "Wild, Wild Party" we'll be throwing once we're out of quarantine!

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