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This production is now closed.


Virginia Woolf’s luminous novel adapted by Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Nick Martin


Sarah Ruhl’s radiant adaptation springs to life! Love, sex, and time travel – how does one navigate the complexities of self discovery when nothing and no one will stay the same? Join the young Orlando as they struggle to find meaning and purpose through a maze of gender dysphoria, forbidden love, and sinister lust. Come along on this dazzling journey as Orlando slips between lovers and skips through centuries in their search for romance and glory.


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Nick Martin

Venus Gulbranson
Lighting Designer

Sarah Beth Oppenheim
Movement & Intimacy Director

Hansin Arvind

Assistant Stage Manager

Maria Mills

Assistant Production Manager

Caroline Austin
Scenic Artist

Reed Simiele

Head Electrician


Courtney Naughton

Sound Board Operator

Sarah Beth Hall
Scenic Designer

Madeline 'Mo' Oslejsek
Sound Designer

Tori Schuchmann
Production Stage Manager

Samuel Klaas

Technical Director


Jessica Utz

Assistant Costume Designer

Megan Holden

Scenic Artist



Light Board Programmer

Garrett Parker

Audio Engineer

Kitt Crescenzo
Costume Designer

Amy Kellett
Props Designer

Francesca Marie Chilcote
Associate Director

Michael Tsaltas
Assistant Technical Director

Yaritza Pacheco
Scenic Charge Artist


Julian Cordova

Assistant Lighting Designer

Lillian Moki

Light Board Operator

Damien Shard



L Bruce
Tara Del Prete 
Justin Drew
Alexander Kim
Ari Knauer
Melvin Knight
Alex Kozlov
Cassie Medinets
Bijon Simpson

Hedge Trimmers

Gifty Amponsen
Noel Best
Tamieka Chavis
Lauryn Ciardullo
Jadah Clay
Sky Davis
Trinity Garrison
Tyler Lang
Chloe Lomax
Natasha Sanchez
Tori Schuchmann
Trevion Walker
Jordan Williams
Yazima Williams

Kennedi Woods


Katherine Darnell


Dazinsky Muscadin

Alex Anthes Rojas

Simon Sinnreich

Special Thanks

Ben Harvey

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